April 07, 2010

Craddock Invades MoCCA!

Hey dudes! Just wanted to let everybody know that I'll be volunteering this Saturday at the MoCCA Art Festival. I'll be one of the few lucky artists who will be doing commissioned work at the Museum's Artist Sketch Tables from 2 - 4 PM. All proceeds go to benefit the Museum of Comic and Cartooning Art, so bring your ideas... and lots of cold hard cash!

Also, check out some of the artwork I'm exhibiting in the NeoIntegrity Show (now on display in the Museum's main gallery from March 12th - May 30th). Enjoy!

April 05, 2010

Stone Rabbit the Cake!

Hey gang! Now you can eat that smile clean off of his face! Here's a sweet picture of a lovely cake made by my amazingly talented sister-in-law Karen Frederica Masri Craddock! It was (<-- notice the past tense) a coconut-flaked vanilla cake with lemon and lime pudding filling (all homemade). She made this in celebration of Easter Sunday... and some other good news... Stay tuned!

March 04, 2010

Still Working Hard!

Hey dudes! Sorry it's been forever and a day since my last posting, but I've just been super busy with work. I've finally finished up book 5 of the Stone Rabbit Book Series, titled "Ninja Slice", which is slated to come out on September 28th, 2010.

Also, I'm going to be exhibiting art as part of the NeoIntegrity show at MoCCA this spring! It's going to be more of  a salon type show than anything else (as in floor to ceiling with art) so you might have to search for my stuff if you ever happen to stop by the museum. All the same, I consider it a great honor to be among some of the best and brightest in the industry. Also, book 4: Superhero Stampede, is coming out later this month on March 23rd. So keep your eyes peeled, and I'll keep making my hands doodle the night away! :)

January 03, 2010

Stone Rabbit the Board Game!

Hey gang! It's a new year, and that means all new fun! That said, I bring you Stone Rabbit the Board Game! Feel free to click on the image below to download the full size version off of Suvudu.com.

To play you'll need a 6 - sided dice, and a marker of some sort (a penny, a pawn, your favorite lego character, etc.)

Simply print out the game board on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

Take turns rolling the dice and moving your character along to the finish line by following the directions on the squares that you land on. Have fun!

P.S. The image is going to look real big on your screen because it's high a DPI setting, but it prints out beautifully on 8 x 10. Enjoy!