October 20, 2009

Greetings People of Earth!

Hey gang! Well, it's official, I've finally crawled out of my radioactive fallout shelter miles below the earth's crust and joined the rest of civilization by creating my very own blog!.. Though the reality is that I'm just too darn lazy to repeatedly update and repost my blog/news section on my website, so I thought this would be a far better/ relatively painless solution. So... why do I do this besides shaving a few hours off of my life that I'll never get back no matter how hard I try? Simple: self-promotion and letting people know that I'm still alive and kicking out work, why else!?

There's a lot of good things buzzing around in my life. Deep Space Disco (the third SR book) was released recently, on September 8th, and already sales are looking good. The fourth one is coming out March 23rd, 2010 (<--and yes, I know how weird it is to write 2010) and I'm currently working on books 5 and 6. So I am one busy beaver.

Keep checking back here every so often, as I hope to keep you all up-to-date on my mad journeys through the wonderful world of publishing. Take care, and looking forward to the next post!